Projects #

Now that I’m done with my thesis, I’m adding links and (eventually) writeups for the projects I’ve worked on

Research #

I’ve written a bunch of code as part of research projects:

  • varcompfa
    • I wrote varcompfa for my MSc work. It’s a flexible testbed for comparing various reinforcement learning algorithms to ensure my experiments were conducted consistently and reproducibly.
  • mdpy
    • I work with Markov Decision Processes quite a bit; mdpy encapsulates a number of routines for solving and otherwise manipulating MDPs.
  • rl-algorithms
    • Sample implementations of a number of reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • lobule
    • A limit order book for investigating reinforcement learning applied to high frequency trading.

Computer Vision #

  • 3D printing heads constructed via photogrammetry
  • Automatic translation of comics and manga
  • Some (rather horrifying) experiments with face swapping from before DeepFakes were a thing.

Robots & Microcontrollers #

  • CSP3 and CSPy3
    • The Create Serial Port Packet Processor (written with Rupam Mahmood and Rich Sutton) and a later Python implementation that I developed on my own.
    • We created these to control the iRobot Create for the Robot Microworld project.
  • Portable data collection using the Espressif ESP32/ESP8266.
  • Various LED lamps and related gadgets.
  • Modified 3D printer for etching printed circuit boards.

Miscellaneous Tools #

These are somewhat less elaborate, but still useful.

  • Audible Downloader
    • Written to simplify the process of converting Audible audiobooks (.aax) to MP3s.
  • WordPress Bulk Upload
    • I wrote this to help an author I enjoy move several hundred posts from a number of fiction websites to his personal site.
  • Document processing scripts
  • Terminal color scheme scripts
  • PDF parsing for dataset generation
  • Python templates

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